We only sell USA made products

I am making the final push to complete this transition. A while back I pulled all of the Chinese made Pelican flashlights off the shelf. Now, I will no longer be selling the Pelican Vault line of cases, as they are made in Mexico. I am replacing them with a combination of Plano and SKB 3i series cases, which are both made in the good old USA.

I am replacing the Pelican Vault V800 large rifle case with the Plano Element Double Long Gun Case model PLAM9540. This case is only slightly smaller than the V800, but still much larger than the Pelican 1750 or iM3300. which has internal dimensions of 54″ x 15″ x 6.4″. The 36″ V700 and the 42″ V730 will be replaced by the Plano AW2 36 / 42.

The Vault pistol cases will be replaced with SKB models, and I am adding the SKB 3i-6018-8, which is a whopping 60″ x 18″ x 8″. I love a simple part numbering system.

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