Houston Custom Foam supplies custom foam for any item, in any case. Common applications include firearms, cameras, tools, electronics, models, safety equipment, and about anything else that you can think of. Whether you need a single custom case, or hundreds, we can take care of you. Being a factory authorized Pelican dealer, we can offer you one stop shopping, or we can retrofit any case that you already have.

Each custom foam case liner is unique, the cutouts fitting your items perfectly, and laid out exactly how you want them. It all starts with a tracing on paper, either made at our shop, or sent to us by the customer. HERE is a video showing you how to trace your items. The tracing is then digitized and converted to an Autocad file, where it is arranged and cleaned up, and the case outline is added.

The layout is then submitted for approval, and any necessary changes are made. Once approved, we cut your custom foam case liner on our CNC router.

For example, the price for a custom foam case liner for a 36″ rifle case starts at $155, 42″ & 52″ rifle case foam starts at $165. This includes a 2″ thick closed-cell polyethylene (PE) foam cut layer, with a 1/4″ closed-cell PE backer hot glued on.