Custom Foam Notes

Our custom foam is better than the foam that came in your case.

The polyurethane(PU) foam that came in your case is lightweight open-cell, that is, a sponge. It absorbs moisture and retains it. This can be detrimental for your case contents. We use heavier closed-cell polyethylene(PE) foam, which almost eliminates this.

The form fitting cutout prevents your case contents from moving around. If you put your rifle between two flat sheets of PU foam in your case, and then drop it from a few feet, it could bang against the case interior. Also, if security at the airport removes your rifle from the case behind the scenes, there is only one way that it will go back in, protected on all sides.

Our PE foam will outlast the PU foam. If you use your case very much, you know that the PU foam will not last very long. For the same price as a set of factory replacement foam, you can have a custom cutout.

A custom cutout looks great, giving your case a truly professional look.

Our PE foam is made in the USA.

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